I am Brittany Franson, but you may know me by my model name, Tawny Taylor. I have so many favorite bands and singers but my top two are 30 Seconds to Mars and Queen. The best vacation place I have been to has been Colorado. The mountains are so beautiful and camping under the stars on a mountain is magical. But I would love to go to Cancun or even a cruise down the Caribbean. My dream vacation would be to visit my family in Sweden. I use to have 9 piercings, but had to take majority out of them out due to medical issues. I have 9 tattoos now and love each one. My favorite is my rib tattoo. It is a poem for my sweet nephew. I love to bake and cook as long as someone eats it. 😀 I enjoy books, movies, music, and laughing. So any suggestions or jokes are accepted. 🙂 My most favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. My dream job is to own a daycare that has special needs children along with non special needs children. In this daycare, it would have all the therapy sessions the children need. I love working with children and on my way to becoming a Kindergarten teacher. My favorite thing to do is come home and snuggle my big fat cat Tokah. I use to have a favorite bar that I would enjoy karaoke at, but now I just love to go out to any place that has a good vibe and great music. DFW Undercover is an amazing business and I am so proud to be apart of it. It is all about bringing amazing local artists to all our local residents. Showing them to the world, from artists to musicians.