Pulse is one of those bands that writes and performs from the heart and are unapologetic about it all, it’s nice to have some good old Rock n Roll through all that is played on the radio these days. One song just blends into another not letting you think about whether to stop it ,but actually just turn it up more with each time you play the album and songs all have their definite Pulse sound. “From Within” slows things down a bit but the vocals of Sean Yeaney are always a treat to hear , has a good vocal range. The musicianship on this album is fantastic , the riff on “Brand New Day” is catchy but yet does not overpower the rest of the song, it just fits in. Powerful songs sung and a video for “No Fate” that some really good food for thought on the abuse of drugs and alcohol and those that have been under the power of either of them.
I say all of this with an unbiased opinion of this band , if I do not like an album –I simply do not review it any longer.
This is one of the better albums I have heard this year.