What a great weekend for entertainment on the streets of our beloved Deep Ellum in Dallas Texas. Thousands of tattoos were given in this three day festival. The best of the best tattoo artists were there to show off their talent and art. This event wasn’t only about tattoos, but about music and entertainment as well. I was lucky enough to catch the show at Trees on the last day of the festival. I was super stoked to be able to see the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue followed by the Metalachi, Heavy Metal Mariachi band.

Named after one of the most successful Broadway Musicals and Movie from the late 30s & 40s, Hellzapoppin is a phenomenal theatrical Rock & Roll circus stunt-show. Some of the most deadly stunts in entertainment are performed to a live audience with emphatic Rock music.

Bryce “the Govna” Graves – Master of ceremonies – Fire Eating/Breathing – Power drill through the nose cavity – swallowing string to pull it through his eye – much more

Short E. Dangerously – Half-Man – Fire Breather – Knife Thrower – Acrobat – Hand Over Fist shard glass walking – much more

Hermee – Balloon swallowing – One-handed balloon animals – Bed of Nails – Blockhead – Juggling – Rola Bola – much more

Vivian Oblivion – Sword swallowing – Fire Eating – Bed of Nails – Glass eating – Live Snake dance – much more

Eric Girardi – Yoyo (it’s not just a toy anymore) – Escape Artistry – Fire Jumprope – Contact Fire (fire traveling across body in a controlled manner) – much more

Eric Ross – The Human Pin Cushion – Bed of Nails – Blockhead – much more

This action packed show had the audience on their toes or nearly passed out. It was something to see for sure. Everything that Hellzapoppin has to offer their audience is absolutely mind blowing to say the very least.



Metalachi with their God-given mariachi skills infused the fine art of head banging music into their talent. With trumpets, violins and a really big guitar (excuse my ignorance for not knowing the technical term for it) this crew is sure to please any welcoming ear. Originally starting out as a regular mariachi band in three piece suits, today the band members strut around in their skin tight animal prints, studs and leather. As a mariachi band in the early days, they played weddings and baby showers etc. Approximately eight years ago while playing at a quinceanera, the band decided to play Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”, dubbing it “Iron Tapatio” and people LOVED it. Thus, Metalachi was born.

They opened with the show on May 21st with “The Final Countdown” by Europe and slayed the audience with their talent and charm. With the musical talent and belly laughable comedy, this band aims to please their crowd from beginning to the end. I know I will do my best to catch them every time they come to town.