SUN – This sensational sextet hails from the all mighty Alice, Texas! They originally formed in 2005 by Daniel Trejo and Sebastian Ortiz. In the early years of the conception of Shattered Sun, they released a hand full of EPs such as Lost Cause (2006), Endless Struggle (2007), Through Ashes (2009), and Confessions (2012). As many bands experience line-up changes, Shattered Sun is no exception. However, they were able to have their line-up set in stone by 2012-2013. This multi-talented line-up consists of Joseph Guajardo (Bass), Jessie Santos (Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Trejo (Guitar), the badass Garza brothers Henry Garza (Keys/Vocals) and Robert Garza (Drums) and last but not least the power vocals of Marcos Leal (Lead Vocals).

After the release of Confessions in 2012, the band played heavily to promote it. Touring with the likes of Memories In Broken Glass then immediately followed by a tour with Spineshank and Mureau, the rays of Shattered Sun were beginning to shine brighter. By late 2013 they began working on their first full-length album, HOPE WITHIN HATRED! Wasting no time at all, they signed with Breaking Bands LLC, a management team run by the infamous Jon Zazula and Testament’s own Chuck Billy in the early months of 2014. On February 5th of 2015, Shattered Sun announced that they had been signed to Victory Records. Just a couple of short weeks later on February 17th, they had more great news! These guys announced that they would be touring North America in the spring. By April 1st, they were honored to head out on tour with the Dark Roots of Thrash II Tour, Yes! with Testament and Exodus! This tour came through Dallas on April 8th, which was the first time I had been lucky enough to see Shattered Sun live. They had my attention instantly and a new fan was born, me! I simply could not wait for the release of this masterpiece! That day came on April 21st of 2015 and all was right in the world of metal music. Hearing HOPE WITHIN HATRED, made me feel empowered to say the absolute least. Every single tune on HOPE WITHIN HATRED, yields the all famous metal-core tricks of melodies that are as vast as the playing. Shattered Sun consistently pushes the limitations with this style not only with ripping speed but a tremendous amount of thrusting their messages of positivity into overdrive!

In 2016 the band continued their hard work on the road. They shared the spotlight with many metal mongers. The energy that they have was recognized by not only their labelmates Darkness Divided, but also bands such as Ill Nino and Scar Symmetry. Shattered Sun thrives on their live shows. It’s all about the energy, getting the crowd pumped and giving them what they want! In late 2016 to early 2017, there is a rumor of w…h…a…t? A sophomore album! Oh my damn! I’m stoked! Hell this news ranks right up there with the good ol’ orgasm… hahaha!! Can I write that? BOOM! I did! My friends, it was no rumor, it is true! Shattered Sun was kind enough to enlighten us fans at the Texas Independence Fest. This sophomore album will encompass tunes like “Keep Your Eyes Shut” and “Out for Justice.” Without a doubt this album will be another banger from this band. I now wait for the release of this soon to be loved album. Have I mentioned that I’m not patient! Like a child waiting for Christmas, seems like it will be forever before I have it in my hands.