Is an American comedy rock band from Tempe, Arizona. They are noted for their use of humor in the songs and silliness in their image. Although they are lyrically rich in humor, their instrumental stylings are not neglected and are very serious. The lyrics often encompass comedy, binge drinking, relationships gone wrong and occasionally, their perception of pop culture. “Humorcore” as a joke, is how the band initially labelled themselves. However, as Rob Kersey once said “Comedy Metal is a better descriptor of the band’s music”. This four piece made up of Rob “Rawrb” Kersey (Lead Vocals), Josh “The J” Key (Guitars, Vocals), Alex “Shmalex” Dontre (Drums) and Matty “Moose” Rzemyk (Bass, Vocals) have been entertaining their fans since the early 2000s and strive to keep us all smiling and enjoying the talent that they possess for years to come.