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SUN – This sensational sextet hails from the all mighty Alice, Texas! They originally formed in 2005 by Daniel Trejo and Sebastian Ortiz. In the early years of the conception of Shattered Sun, they released a hand full of EPs such as Lost Cause (2006), Endless Struggle (2007), Through Ashes (2009), and Confessions (2012). As many bands experience line-up changes, Shattered Sun is no exception. However, they were able to have their line-up set in stone by 2012-2013. This multi-talented line-up consists of Joseph Guajardo (Bass), Jessie Santos (Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Trejo (Guitar), the badass Garza brothers Henry Garza (Keys/Vocals) and Robert Garza (Drums) and last but not least the power vocals of Marcos Leal (Lead Vocals). After the release of Confessions in 2012, the band played heavily to promote it. Touring with the likes of Memories In Broken Glass then immediately followed by a tour with Spineshank and Mureau, the rays of Shattered Sun were beginning to shine brighter. By late 2013 they began working on their first full-length album, HOPE WITHIN HATRED! Wasting no time at all, they signed with Breaking Bands LLC, a management team run by the infamous Jon Zazula and Testament’s own Chuck Billy in the early months of 2014. On February 5th of 2015, Shattered Sun announced that they had been signed to Victory Records. Just a couple of short weeks later on February 17th, they had more great news! These guys announced that they would be touring North America in the spring. By April 1st, they were honored to head out on tour with the Dark Roots of Thrash II Tour, Yes! with Testament and Exodus! This tour came through Dallas on April 8th, which was the first time I had been lucky enough to see Shattered Sun live. They had my attention instantly… {Continue Reading}


DFW Undercover Question: Can you tell me a little bit about some of your history here with Dallas/Fort Worth and I would like to know your thoughts on Texas in general, do you consider it to be home or have you found some place else that you’re like, “No, that’s really where my heart is.”  Can you, kind of, just talk to me a little bit about that? Vinnie’s Response:  Yeah, Texas is always home and it’s the greatest state in the world to me.  I grew up there.  Me and my brother wrote a song that helped propel the Dallas Stars to winning the Stanley Cup in 1999, which was very big for us at the time.  I love coming home.  I bought a house in Las Vegas about eight years ago, but it’s just kind of a getaway place, I come back to Texas all the time.  I’ll never move away from Texas.  I have so many great memories there and, played all the local clubs, everything from Savvy’s and Joe’s Garage in Fort Wort to Mathis and The Basement and all the places in Dallas.  The scene is always great (in Texas).  The support we have and the love we have from Dallas and really, everywhere in Texas, is amazing.  We play New Year’s Eve in Dallas, which we kind of turned into tradition.  Now, we’ve done New Year’s Eve four years in a row in Dallas and every year it’s been bigger and better.  Right now, we’re doing a five-day Texas run, the warm up before we head out to Europe tomorrow to join Korn all over Germany, France, Italy, everywhere in Europe basically.  And then, a headline run in the UK.  So, Texas is really big to us, and tonight it’s going to be very… {Continue Reading}

Testament, Sepultura, Prong

As we pull up to the Gas Monkey Live on April 7th 2017, we see a long winding row of metal heads from the front door, wrapped around to the back of the building and streaming through the parking lot. This is instant gratification of unity in a metal atmosphere.  We are here to THRASH!!!! We pull around the back to park close to the buses and what do we see? Well it’s one the most awesome 18 wheelers that I have ever seen, wrapped in the tour logo. It was killer! We walk inside this home away from home venue and view the sea of people here, ready to rock! This is one hell of a powerful image. Whether you were here to see Testament, Sepultura, Prong or all three of these awesome bands, you were about to get thrashed for sure.  All three of the bands have been around since the ‘80s and they know how to please their fans. PRONG – Founded by singer/guitarist Tommy Victor in 1986, Prong brought in a brutal hardcore heavy metal/punk sound. To their credit, Prong has influenced a plenty. It has been said by members of Korn and Nine Inch Nails that they cite Prong as an influence to their musical style. It’s no wonder since they have put out eleven studio albums, one live album, four EPs, one DVD and one remix album. No matter if you are a fan of their early releases such as Force Fed and Beg to Differ or maybe their most recent recordings on Songs from the Black Hole or their most recent 11th studio album X (No Absolutes), their set list never disappoints. At the Gas Monkey show, they graced us with an eight song set that included the greats, such as “Beg to… {Continue Reading}