1. Favorite Band or Genre of music.
-Don’t laugh! Dolly Parton, P!NK and Frank Sinatra

3. Favorite Vacation Destination.
-Barcelona, Cozumel

4. Number of tattoos or piercings, which one is your favorite and why?
-9 tattoos and 20 piercings. My favorite tattoo is of Rico our French Bulldog on my left calf and my conch piercings because they are unique.

5. Hobbies.
-Carpentry, Leather Working, Scuba Diving, World Travel.

6. Favorite Movie.
-Labyrinth, Dark Crystal

7. If you could do anything as an occupation, what would you do or your occupation.
-I’d Love To Be An Archaeologist! I work in Biotechnology Infectious Disease.

8. Favorite thing to do.
-Spend a relaxing day with my family especially in the pool.

9. Favorite place to go out.
-To the movies.

10. Why you are part of DFW Undercover.
-To keep up with all the amazing local music and to meet so many awesome people all over.