1. Favorite Band or Genre of music.
Toni Romiti

3. Favorite Vacation Destination.

4. Number of tattoos or piercings, which one is your favorite and why?

I have 17 tattoos, my favorite being my side piece. It represents the troubles I’ve overcome and my personal growth.

5. Hobbies.
Anything outdoors, cooking, and dancing.

6. Favorite Movie.
Blood In, Blood out.

7. If you could do anything as an occupation, what would you do or your occupation.
I would love to be a counselor for battered women and troubled youth.

8. Favorite thing to do.

9. Favorite place to go out.

10. Why you are part of DFW Undercover.
DFW Undercover os one big family/support system who all share a passion for art. Anyone would be lucky to be one of us.
You’re welcome!