I begin at a young age of 3 years old modeling in beauty pageants, at 12 years old I attended the Barbizon Modeling College in Richardson Texas. At the age of 18 years old I started getting my first tattoo and from then on it created a brand for my now alternative image. At 24 years old I began as a full-time working freelance professional model and advocate for women and healthy body image. Body and image and self-acceptance is something that like many, as a mother of 3 I personally struggle with, I would like to reach out and help others who are trying to cope with body image and self-acceptance through my modeling career. Throughout this five-year career I have been fortunate enough to be able to be surrounded by people who have given me some great advice and opportunities which has encouraged me to better myself both inside and out. Throughout my time in this industry I have developed a real passion for modeling and have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of opportunities that have come my way so far. I would love to continue developing my modeling skills as well as build a profile in the lifestyle, fashion, and fitness sector by incorporating my love of tattoos. I cannot wait to expand my horizons, work with new People and see where all this industry will lead me.