1. Favorite Band or Genre of music.
-R&B and Country

3. Favorite Vacation Destination.
-Any Beach

4. Number of tattoos or piercings, which one is your favorite and why?
*I have no tattoos and I have 6 piercings! My belly button is my favorite because it keeps me motivated to stay fit so I can show it off!

5. Hobbies.
-Dancing, fishing, riding ATVs

6. Favorite Movie.

7. If you could do anything as an occupation, what would you do or your occupation.
-I Would be a big time real estate agent and sell giant beach houses

8. Favorite thing to do.
-Lay on the beach and drink pina colodas

9. Favorite place to go out.
-Anywhere with friends

10. Why you are part of DFW Undercover.
-Because I am an upcoming model and supporting other models was is a great opportunity