1. One of my favorite bands has to be sublime and as far as genre of music I love em all . I’m very open minded and willing to listen to anything unless it just suck.

2. My Favorite Vacation Destination will always be the beach or river. The sound of water is very soothing and stress relieving.

3. I have 9 tattoos and 5 piercings. My favorite is my under boob tattoo, because it represents overcoming a challenge in my life of getting over a past love. I also really like my gauges I’m at a size 2 and don’t plan on going bigger.

4. My Hobbies,rip sticking, painting, planting, singing, dancing, Riding bikes, Cooking, and #1 supporting local music and friends.

5. My Favorite Movie has to be Fern Gully I am such a tree hugger.

6. I am a Dental Assistant. I enjoy comforting my patients and educating them on the importance of oral health. My favorite part is working with the periodontist.

7. My favorite thing to do has to be painting and gardening. Plants are my out.

8. My favorite place to go out has to be Deep Ellum the scene has blown up and there is always a show to catch or discover.

9. Why you are part of DFW Undercover. Because I love music, and want to inspire others to be a part of what keeps people going on a daily basis and that’s MUSIC!!